Rifle – basic firearms course


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Learn to fire and handle real firearms by our authorized trainers and coaches. You do not need to have a firearms license, nor do you need to have experience in using firearms. You will get your skills, we guarantee that! This course will be given in English, by native speaker!

Course Details

This is a beginners level introduction to firearms. We will discuss and train in great depth, the concept of safe handling various caliber rifles and 9mm pistol, along with fully automatic rifles and pistols. We divide the course into two thematic blocks. We carry out each of them during one whole day.

Day one of the training – we focus our attention on the pistol. Different platforms, different uses.

Day two of the training – we will focus our attention on rifles. AR platform, AK, and less known constructions such as the Polish MSBS Grot.

You will spend a full few days learning the basics to firearms handling and tactical/practical shooting. You will learn how to safely handle firearms, load ammunition, and manipulate and fire several weapon systems along with a friendly competition with awards.

What types of weapons will we shoot?

Pistol Training:
– HS Product
– Glock
– CZ
– Walter
– Beretta
– another

Rifle Training:
– AK-47
– AR15
– M4
– M16
– MSBS Grot

What is included in the price?
– grate shooting range
– instructor supervision
– firearms
– ammunition
– lunch
– soft drinks

Who will conduct training?

Ben is our Chief Firearms Instructor + Specialist Firearms Training Instructor. This former British Special Forces Support Group (SFSG) member has contact combat experience and years of experience as an instruktor.


Pistol – basic firearms course: March 4th, 10.00 – 16.00
Rifle – basic firearms course: March 5th, 10.00 – 16.00


Shooting Range Zbrojownia Modlin, www.zbrojowniamodlin.pl

Any questions?
Call us: +48 509 155 792 or e-mail us: biuro@zbrojowniamodlin.pl